Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas, part one

I titled this "Part One" in hopes that I will actually make a "Part Two".  Life has gotten so busy that the blog has fallen by the wayside.  Some days I think we have gotten too busy, but when I think about the things we are doing...there isn't a thing I would change.  Through the various activities and running around we do, the kids are surrounded by some amazing friends and adults who are teaching them some great things!

Basketball has ended for charli, which she misses, and makes her excited for the next season to start!  She loves to learn how to play new sports.  She recently tested and received her green belt in taekwondo, so she moves up to the advanced class.

Harper will enjoy two weeks off of school to play at his daycare for the entire day!  They get so excited to get big enough to go to school...and at the same time miss what they have at daycare.  We are blessed that our kids have loved their daycare so much - but it makes it hard for them to be away!
Gingerbread villages this year!

Charli & Harper after Charli's Christmas program!  Harper was pretty proud of her!

Leave it to Harper to be the one who isn't smiling!  

Harper & Macey

Harper & Grant with their matching semis!

Charli & Reid playing some trains!

 Harper, Cohen, and Grant 

Harper & Aunt Joyce

Jonelle, Aunt Joyce, and a bearded Chad

Harper & Braxton at the Preister Christmas

The (extended family) Preister cousins!

Uncle Brad & Harper.... Uncle Chad & Braxton

 Braxton, Harper, and Charli with Great Grandma and Grandpa Lois

Charli and her old friends from daycare - these bonds don't break with time!
Lexi, Maggie, Eastyn, and Charli

Charli, Lynn, and Harper at our daycare Christmas party!  

Charli & Harper before Harper's Christmas concert....she was pretty proud to be the one in the seats watching this time!
Charli was selected as Student of the Month on "Festive Day" for the last day of school before break...

Making some candy cane flavored snacks!

The Christmas Party hunters!

The kids with Grandma Deb

the kids with Uncle Dillon

Grandma & Grandpa Preister with kids, who were waiting and waiting to open gifts!

Grandma Deb & Harper had a deal that he would open her gift and she could help open his!

Charli & Grandma Deb

excited for his won batman cave!

Grandma & Harper

the boys with Grandpa Bob

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