Monday, December 23, 2013

Almost Forgotten

How terrible is it that I have not downloaded pictures off of my two regular cameras since June.  So many things have happened there is no way to recap the memories in words, so it is a good thing pictures really do speak louder than words!  I will not share all 378 pictures with you, but will try to share my favorites!

Charli lost her first two teeth, courtesy of the dentist office pulling them for her!  The next two were ready to come in, so she didn't even look like she was missing teeth!

Chad  and I went with my sister, Rachelle, and her hubby, Shawn, to see Dierks Bentley & Miranda Lambert in Kansas City (whoa, as I type this I realize this is WAY older than June!) - and had a memorable trip! It is safe to say Chad will never again travel for a concert...girls only next time, maybe!  And, we will avoid the winter months as this trip left is stranded on our way home, thanks to a spring blizzard!

Back to summer again!  We watched the Newman Grove parade with Braxton, Ryen, Macey, and Colton!

Funny the people you run into...this is part of our family with our cousin Michael who lives in Alabama!  Never know who will come back for some hometown fun!

Harper won some big loot on his 4th birthday this summer!

I know I posted this before, but this is Harper with his new 4-wheeler he got for his birthday!

Hotel swimming!

Charli's t-ball team got 4th place this year!  (I think it was 4th, I can't remember now!)

A sweet note I found tapped to Charli's blanket!
"I love you Jesis" (Jesus)

Taekwondo trophies from her first competition!

Spirit week at School - Opposite Day!

Since June we have had lots of visits from grandma & grandma!  Now when they come Charli can read to them...instead of grandma reading!

Chad, his dear children, and his deer!

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