Sunday, September 30, 2012

that could be me mom....

September was childhood cancer awareness month.  There have been a lot of new education and awareness campaigns this month, which is great.  With the world of facebook, these messages get places they have never been before.  When checking facebook this morning, this is what I saw.  What a neat surprise!!nb-kids/albumphotos1=27

When checking out the website Charli was looking at pictures of childhood cancer angels.  She saw one that she thought looked like her and she said "that could be me mom".  She is right.  Just another reality check from the mouth of a 6-year old...

Childhood cancer awareness can't end on October 1st, please help keep these kids a priority!

*my mom reported that she was not able to get the website loaded, so here is the image which was posted, and listed below the story that went with it!!*

Charli Preister - Survivor 
DX: Neuroblastoma Stage 3 

Charli was born July 28, 2006 and was diagnosed in 2007 at 7 months old. Since completing treatment, Charli and her family have been actively involved in the ACS Relay for Life. Charli's mother, Brenda, serves a co-chair for her district and they walk with the Team name "Charli's Angels". Last year, in 2011, Charli walked the survivor lap all by herself, for the first time. 

Charli is now 6 years old and is described as a tomboy and loves superhero's and sports.

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  1. Brenda, Charli is a super star! I love how families, like yours, use these hardships to create a world of opportunities to help families to come. What you went through was not pleasant, but you and your family are making so much more out of it. I am proud to know you and share your story.