Monday, September 3, 2012

labors of love

The Preister's logged some miles this weekend!  Friday night we enjoyed some good Friday night football weather to watch my nephew play some great football...and see three of my other nephews (big and little boys were there!).  Saturday we took a road trip to Omaha to visit Chad's uncle who was in the hospital, and spent several hours enjoying his company, and the company of his family.  While we were there my friend Jen kept the kids and they had a blast!  (you know the kind of fun where the end of the day is a disaster because you have just used up all of your energy!!)  After having lunch she took her two kids and our two kids to play at a lake with another friend, and her two kids!! (to help you keep track that is two moms and six kids)  To top this off when we picked them up she had fed them supper AND given them bathes.  These friends are hard to find, but when they are never let them go!  Jen is one of a kind!!!  Sunday we spent the day at the state fair and took a road trip to check on my parents remodel project progress.  Monday was filled with playing catch up from being gone, and transplanting the bunnies to their new home!  Reality will be hard to face Tuesday morning, for all of us!  Hope your transition "to the real world" is a kind one! 


 "can we ride that?!"  We did not even get 5 feet from the car before Charli was spotting rides to  do later in the day!

 It makes me SO sad that the only cows my kids will milk are at the state fair!  Charli is a nature born milker, Grandpa Borg would be proud!

 Charli is a natural!  

 Harper was not so good at it, which I am okay with...we do not need to raise a dairy farmer!

 this spot is always a hit at the fair with my kids...

 ...well with my entire family I guess!!  

 such a pretty cowgirl!

 Harper liked this little goat enough to share a kiss with her!  He is a lover of all animals!

 This cracked me up!  Charli is so excited about learning to read in school that she wanted to read the phone book on the way home!  

 this will probably give Grandma Borg a heart attack!  Charli is the second set of feet from the left!  She loved this ride.  The only compliant, it was too short!

 the kids did two roller coasters together, and loved them both!  Charli is a great helper to him when they get on and off rides.  She takes great care of him!

 getting in line for the next BIG roller coaster! :-)

 this was TOO sweet!  She held his hand the entire time they stood in line!

 they are in the second car.  This ride freaked me out because it did have some fast little hills and no belts over the kids, or on the side to keep them in!  

 the kids are both very into "police cops" right this was a highlight of the day!

Sheriff Charli

 Sheriff Harper

 Charli, Harper, and Chad built this bunny hut which, as you can see, is a stellar bunny house!  Modie and Coco make themselves comfortable in record time!

 One last hug before they are in their new home.  The mornings won't be as fun without doing our bunny chores!

some of the biggest smiles these kids ever have are on top of a 4-wheeler!  They love to ride together now, and just like when doing fair rides, Charli takes great care of him and does her very best to keep him safe and happy!  Being the big sister can be a tough job, but most days she is up for the challenge!

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