Monday, September 10, 2012

Finding fun in the regular things!

What did we do this weekend?  Not a lot, but it was fun.  Those can be the best weekends in the books!  Friday night we had a family fun night with a group of moms I am lucky enough to call my friends!  We met at the park, grilled, and had some amazing food...and let the kids play, play, play!  We had a money find in the sand box, a treasure hunt complete with treasure find and pirate map, kickball, balloons, glow sticks, candy, and more!!  How much fun can you wrap into a few short hours?!  A lot, I guess!  

On Saturday Charli, finally, got to play her first soccer game of the season!  We had soccer pictures bright and early before her game, so we were on the field when it felt more like football weather on a Friday night...rather than Saturday morning soccer weather!  Charli's team did not win.  Maybe next week?!  It was fun to watch her play this year...they play actual positions, keep score, and have some "function" with their play.  It's fun to watch, finally getting to play makes the long practices a little easier to endure!

Charli worked on her first "homework" project over the weekend...which was a book about herself, her home, and her family.  She had fun dictating which pictures we would print out for the book!  Charli is pretty proud to be reading her "popcorn" words, writing, and learning all that Kindergarten has to offer!  She wants to write and spell everything, and being many years out of grade school I often have to "google" some phonics to make sure I am teaching her correctly the first time!  

I love the shirt he is wearing for this picture!  Pictures tell a story of a thousand words, and this one speaks volumes for Harper!  

 searching for money...the kids were SO excited for all the coins they found!  

 Kadence is my little buddy!  She is so shy and sweet, all the time!  Here we are all smiles look how shy she is, even in the picture!!

 and here we are looking sad.  this is the look we give after our mom, mean ole Jennifer, yells at us for getting in trouble!  :-)
(I am SURE Jennifer never does that, it was purely hypothetical!!)

 competitive kickball on a Friday night, I think so!!

 1-2-3 GO!

 kick & run, kick & run, kick & run 

 go "sparkly butterflies"!!!!

 these two have been total spitfires the past few days...

 it feels like they never run out of energy!!!

 when the stop, if they pause, they can appear to be so sweet...kind...loving...and demure.  

but, this does NOT last too long!!

While some days the energy seems to be completely drained from my veins so they can go longer, louder, faster, and harder...I wouldn't want it any other way! We are blessed to have their laughter, yelling, and sometimes tears, fill our house!!

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