Monday, September 17, 2012

odds & ends

Mid-way through September, looking at the calendar makes me feel like October is already here...though it feels like we just went through June!  I need to know, has time always traveled this fast and this is a sign I am getting older, or is time truly going faster than before?!

We had another fun and full weekend with soccer and a weekend playing with leaves us all tired! It's fun to watch Charli's team play soccer this year.  They each are responsible for their own "position" on the field and have plays and passes to execute!  I have learned to not give guidance from the sidelines because I do not always know what position she is playing and sometimes she can't "run to the ball", etc if she is playing back field for example.  So...I sit and watch and play the quiet parent!  I can report that, already, this is not true for all parents on the sidelines of 6 & 7 year olds playing soccer!

After soccer we rushed out west to play with Ryen & Macey for Macey's big birthday party!  There was no time to ride horses this trip, but lots of other fun was had!  That is one of our favorite places to go...endless fun and lots of laughter!  (some tattling and tears too...we are not delusional!!)

I left my camera at my sisters house so there aren't many pictures to share now!  One from the weekend and several which were just sent to me from Charli's ACS "butterfly" project.  A month or two ago we went to Omaha so she could create an art project to be sold at an auction...these are from that weekend (which we had so much fun at!!)

 Ryen * Charli * Macey * Harper
Burning off some energy after eating out for supper...and before going to get groceries.  Getting groceries was SO eventful with four kids who were truly enjoing each others company!

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