Tuesday, July 3, 2012

gobs of fun!

This weekend was the Relay For Life of Platte County, such a fun & special weekend for our family!  My brother and his family, who live in Arkansas, even came up!  All but one member of my family was able to make the Relay, and I FORGOT to take a picture of all of us. Annoying!  Either way, it was a great event and one that will probably not be able to pull us all together again anytime soon with my brother being so far away.  

Harper took his job of decorating bags for Charli, his Grandma Deb, and Uncle Ivan very seriously.  He used about 10 sheets of stickers on their bags!  He was proud of them!

Charli worked very hard on her bags as well!  She worked very hard on this special bag for Grandma Deb!

She was so proud of her bag!  (she used purple because she knows that is her grandma's favorite color!!)

We also had our last t-ball game this week!!  Just as the kids really start to get into the game the season is over.  They had fun together!

Charli caught a ground ball that she shuffled her feet over to get!  Aunt Rachelle would be proud!

Charli was excited to get another medal to put in her room!

Uncle Ivan * Charli * Grandma Deb 
These three have walked the survivor lap with Charli for the last two years, alone.  It is bitter sweet to let her/watch her walk the lap alone, but what a big girl she is to do it!  We are always excited to greet her when she finishes her lap so we can walk with her.  We are proud of her journey!

hand-in-hand these two helped each other around the track!

The second lap is for survivors and their caregivers.  Charli rushed over to give Aunt Rachelle a hug, and then walked holding Uncle Randy's hand. Ahhh, my heart melted!  I so appreciate Randy making the trip!  Kara and the three boys drove up separately the weekend before and Randy changed his flight from overseas to fly directly to NE to make the Relay!  (He came from somewhere way east....like Holland, Switzerland, or Amsterdam...i can't really keep them all straight!!)
the cousins had so much fun!  Oh my gosh...sweaty, exhausted kids were jammed on our campsite!

even Grant helped Charli do a lap!!

Harper took the easy way around the track on Grandpa's shoulders.  Eventually he won't get to see the Relay from this view, but until then...he enjoys it!

Cohen * Macey

Randy * Charli * Grant

Charli was so excited and proud to show off her face panting, courtesy of Grandma Jody!  She thought she was getting away with something pretty special!!

Charli with the new one of the new "Heroes of Hope"!  They had a lot of fun together!!

This bag was a nice surprise to see on the track!

"bags by Harper"!!  Charli helped him make the hearts :-)

The Platte County event was recording a music video and many different groups were used to put it together.  Charli had a blast being the survivor group!  She enjoyed dancing a lot on this night!!

How exactly does a 3 year old stay up past midnight with no desire to hit the sheets?  Sneaking drinks of dad's Coke, that's how!  I think his chest got more to drink than his mouth!

Chad * Charli * Brenda * Harper

Harper just can't seem to get enough of his grandma Deb!  They hung out for quite awhile!

Rachelle * Randy * Vicki * Brenda

This was a great sight to see!  Charli rocked ZUMBA for about 20 minutes, probably more!  She jumped right in there and stood between the instructors.  She loved it!!!  (she said she would like to dance, if she didn't have to dress like a girl to do it!!)

cousins of fun!!  
Ryen * Charli * Amanda Jo * Lizzie

Nice cake  un-decorating Harper!

Charli was pretty proud to have smashed Superman's face in!

Charli & Harper picked out this little tree face for Grandpa on Father's Day...cute lil guy!

Harper's next hit broke open all the candy!!  Whoo-Hoo!

They just can't get enough!!

getting ready for birthday cake fun!!


Sorry Rachelle, not sure these spider webs would fly!

loving the superhero theme!

This bunch could do some serious crime-fighting!  


the smile says it all!!

great days for slip-n-slide play!!

"it's on"!!

pictured:  Colton * Charli * Cohen * Macey* Harper   :)
HULK-tastic!!  Love this!

she stayed in her suit all day!!!!

what a great weekend!!  Thanks for the fun birthday party Cohen!  Glad we could celebrate in Nebraska!!


  1. I always enjoy yr updates. Makes me sad that so many little ones have to know the word-cancer. So proud of how they support Charlie and yr family. They will always be cancer supporters. Thanks for sharing. Mary R

  2. Thanks for sharing such fun pictures Brenda! I love how I get to see your kids in action in your pictures!! Happy 4th.