Monday, June 25, 2012

it's so much fun to be three!

We've had some busy days since I posted last.  I am not sure how the days pass so quickly, when I always set a goal to update each weekend!

after spending some time at the farm the kids discovered that if you take all the cushions and pillows off the couch, and put them at the bottom of the stairs, it makes for a fun jump from the top!  I just don't understand how broken bones happen...?!

we love this zoo!  We went back with one of my sisters and her son on father's day.  We enjoyed every minute of it, again.  The kids hope to go back again soon!  The staff even remembered their names this time :-)

Harper would slip away often to check out the baby chicks and bunnies!

who doesn't love a good scream into the fan when your this age!

This little fella was super friendly!  

Harper wanted to take this guy home with us!  Luckily his pockets weren't big enough, or I know he would have tried to find a special spot for him!

But...his pockets were just the right size for this fuzzy friend!  

Happy 3rd Birthday Harper!

Birthday parties with friends are SO much fun!

He was "way" excited to get a new race car!

...and we thought his new super hero cape and mask might be the big hit!
But, the helmet was the top prize for the day!  (or so we thought!)

I think he could fight some serious crime, don't you think?!

Harper kept Londyn well fed during Charli's t-ball game!

it was almost too cute to eat!  

what  a sport grandpa is!  I am happy to report there is no record of me (Brenda) jumping with my dad...though it was fun to do!

SURPRISE!!  Happy birthday Harper!  All the little & big cousins (and perhaps aunts & uncles!) had fun jumping in this for Harper's party!  I had no idea it would be so big, but boy was it worth it!  The kids had a blast!

While Harper thought the helmet was his most favorite gift, he quickly changed his mind to love his new bike!  

"it's a motorcycle bike, mom!"

even Grandpa Bob joined in the fun!

what HOT day for a party outside...but what a fun way to spend the day!

little bugger got totally busted sneaking the frosting!

this picture was a hard one to organize...where will everyone fit?!

silly face!! (and as my sister pointed out...there is an adult in the picture too!  Go find her!)

The Preister Boys!

"COME ON DAD.  It's time to open my presents!!"

too funny!!  The girls jumped right off the slide to avoid Conner and his water gun!

two guns and 13 kids seem like good odds, still everyone was wet!  Good shot Conner!

so much fun!!

 some of the borg cousins!

ahhh, thanks for the birthday party conversation uncle shawn!  Harper's best buddy had to work, but he still got to say hi!

Uncle Chad worked with Cohen to learn to ride a bike while in Nebraska visiting from Arkansas!

he just looks naughty, wouldn't you agree?!

I was sad to see this big thing go, everyone had so much fun!

Charli really wanted to know if her daddy could touch the ceiling!  And, he could! :-)

Good bye and good night!

so disappointed!  "it's not fair"! last jump before we go!

In the effort of time, I will give the quick version.
When cousins play hide-n-seek....Harper will always be the winner!  ;-)
Should you want to challenge this ruling, let's talk!

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  1. Brenda, I cannot believe he was lost! How scary. But what a fun "twist" you can put on the "game" he was playing! I am so sorry you had to experience that. I know it's Monday, but you deserve the weekend!!!!!! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!