Saturday, June 16, 2012

where to do begin?!

 thank you girls!!  If not for these, and a few others not in the picture I could not have done the poker run!  These girls are so supportive, I am blessed to have friends like this!  

 Colton * Charli
Having so much fun while my sister was on the poker run!  They had a blast!!

 the girls from the day!  Thanks for ALL of your help!

 after the poker run our kids made the trip out west to stay with my sister!  They had a lot of fun...I bet they want to do this again next summer.  Just a warning Rachelle!  ;)

 we are officially in love with the zoo in Monroe!  Harper was feeding this little guy marshmallows!


 how fun is this!  This baby kangaroo was too cute!

 this tiny guy is full grown!  Macey...he makes cupcake look like a giant!

 who knew ducks wiggled so much!

 Charli was SO excited to find this alarm clock!  She has been loving to wake up on her own and get ready without any help!  And...I have been loving the time savings!

 we love art projects around here!  Charli is painting a random "duck foot" she found in Rachelle's yard from an outdoor decoration.  When Charli found it, she was distraught because she thought it was from a real duck!!

 they were working on picking up parts and hauling stuff around the farm today...

 I forgot to post these a few weeks ago!  Charli was a quick learner - she basically learned over the course of one day of four tries!  BUT...she is so hard on herself, she got really discouraged when it did just 'happen' the first time!

 these didn't happen often, but was glad I caught at least one!

 Chad and Charli made a larger than life ramp for her monster trucks out of a few big boxes Chad had at the shop.  She loved to play with this thing.  When it was time to knock it down...she loved that just as much!

"did you get me jumping mom?" :-)  

While in the bathtub tonight Harper decided it would be a good idea to use the opportunity to pee on Charli. She was mortified.  She was convinced that her arm would fall off.  Harper was so proud, and Charli was devastated.  

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