Wednesday, July 11, 2012

let's fly solo

4th of July, Fun in the Sun, Working on the Farm, Painting Pointers, and solo time at the zoo....just a little of what we have been up to at our house!  It's fair time, so I am sure we will have lots of fun this week!

 waiting with friends for the parade to start!

 as each of the kids get older they have days when they are all about each other, and can't get far enough away from each other!  This was a moment that they were happy to be "brother & sister"!

 when it is just too hot to use your own slide, what's a girl to do?!...

 ...use some imagination and cool down!

 every little boy should drive their excavator in purple sand!

 Charli was asked to create a painting for a Relay For Life fundraiser coming up in a few weeks.  She painted on three separate pieces of paper.  After everything was dry butterfly cutouts were created to attach to a canvas she painted!

 this part was super fun!

her finished project!  Someone who attends the Galla will get to buy this piece of Charli's art!  (wish it was me!)

 nothing can be too serious when Charli is int he room!  She hid under the table, and was giving her scary reveal here!

 as we walked into the ACS office we saw our picture on the wall!  "I am hope" ;-)

pure delight when Charli found out that she was going to get to swim, spend the night in the hotel, and make a trip to the zoo...just her and mom!  1-on-1 time is priceless!

love the skyfarri at the zoo...nice time to relax and just take it all in!!

Charli thought it was terribly sad that someone lost their flipflop in the rhino pen!  I would also agree as they had to walk halfway across the zoo to the gift shop to buy new flipflops!!  

While visiting the penguins she fell in love with this little fella... "blackfoot".  He had his picture taken with everything.  

"mom, take a picture.  Do you think a penguin has ever been in the desert before?!"

this bird cracked us up!  He would do whatever Charli would do.  When she put her dead down, birdie put it's head down.  When Charli stood tall, birdie stood tall!  Charli thought this was hilarious!  



"Where are the polar bears mom?  I bet it's too hot in Nebraska for them."!!!

Charli got to ride the reindeer AND dragon, who knew that would be so exciting!

proudly displaying her popcorn for our imax show!

BlackFoot surly needed his own 3D glasses, what rude theater workers for not giving him a pair.

sign of success!

the kids' fire crackers from daycare...POP!

sugar cookies = happiness!

Harper & Charli helped Chad while he dug the basement for my parents remodel on their house.  It was a family affair to say the least!  What a project!

not sharing trampoline time = priceless!


  1. I love, LoVe, LOVE that you and Charli had a date trip! I bet she will be excited for your "school" trip in a few weeks too! Hard to believe they can be "here" already. So much personality, so much spunk, so much life. Blessings!

  2. Love the pics! Looks like you had a great day with Charli!