Sunday, July 15, 2012

and this weekends theme is....

And the theme this weekend is...."forget your camera at home"!  What a pain in the drain!

The kids had fun at the fair, no surprise there, they never want to leave!  We made the Platte Fair twice and the Madison Fair once (not so impressed with either personally!) we took in every ride the kids could have been on.  The list included, roller coaster, carousel, train, crazy houses, slides (slides, slides, and more slides!!), and the fun could have gone on for hours!!  The funniest moment was when the kids were in one of the creepy "fun" houses and while they were in the glass maze Harper ran into the glass walls!  I guess they kept them clean at his viewing level!   Charli did this too, but it was strangely more entertaining when it happened to Harper!

As I mentioned earlier I hate the ferris wheel, mainly because of the height but also because they workers can always sense my fear.  Today, my fear of the worker was reiterated once again.  As we were getting in the cart Harper said "I'll protect you mommy" and the worker said "oh, you're scared...this will be fun".  Ugh.  The first few circles, no prob!  The next few, he would rock the cart as we moved by.  He kept our car on top for the longest time ever (there was only one other cart full, so it was not to load/unload) - jerk!  Then on our way down, he stopped at each empty cart, for no.stupid.reason.  When we FINALLY got to the end Chad and Charli were there laughing from the ground because they could see what the worker was doing.  And, as we were nearing the docking station the worker kept rocking our cart.  No cool Mr. Carny Worker, not cool.  I was happy to be off.

The kids could have done the slides all night long, and thankful Chad takes that one on too!  I am getting more and more scared each year I get older!!

Tonight at bedtime Charli worked really hard to help read her book before bed.  She is every excited to start reading and is picking out the words she knows (love, mom, dad, grandma, red, and a few others!).

One month from today Charli will be in school for the first day!  I have a billion mixed emotions about this, so I will continue to push those down deep!

Happy week ya'll!

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