Sunday, December 11, 2011

yeah charli, amen!

Charli sang in church today and I am happy to report that both kids were amazing during church...which isn't always the case!  After Charli was done singing Harper would clap with such a proud look on his face and on her last song cheered "yeah, good job Charli, Amen"!  This was the first week I let Harper and Charli go up to Children's Time together to sit.  She held his hand and helped him move his legs so he didn't get stepped on by the big kids!  Teamwork :-)

This morning, at a little after 6:00, Harper decided it was time to get up.  Not only did he decide it was time to get up, but he decided it was time to get up and not tell anyone!  I thought I heard something, and told Chad he should check on him.  Checked in his where to be found.  Checked in the kitchen, no Harper there.  Looked in the living room...where could Harper be?  Chad looked in the bathroom and I think Charli's room before re-checking the rooms again.  On his second look in the living room he found Harper sitting all alone on the couch with his favorite blanket and Mickey Mouse, just sitting quietly and alone in a very dark living room.  He was in rare form today from the get go!  At nap he kept getting out of bed to turn the light on!  I thought I lost my mind the first two times I saw the light on...and he thought he was so sneaky!  So, he napped with the light on and at bed tonight got up to shut his door because I guess having it open a crack is just not his style!  I guess we will need to put bells on the doors soon since he can get all of the doors to the outside open, awesome!!

Charli had her first "friend" birthday party this weekend.  She went to the party of a classmate who was having a "princess" themed party.  We talked about how this was not her party and that for a short time she might need to play with things that aren't her favorite.  Charli understood and was fine with it, and in fact she was happy to be giving her two barbie dolls!  I dropped her off with about four princesses.  About 90 minutes later I came back to a room of about 12 princesses with handmade crowns, necklaces, and toilet paper gowns! walks Charli in her jeans and t-shirt she arrived in!!  All the little girls had "Princess ___insert name here____" on their shirts and Charli had "Charli" slapped on the bottom of her jeans!  For 90 minutes she couldn't even bring herself to play the part of a girly-girl! 

We are about 98% done shopping, but I have a lot of wrapping (aka, putting in bags) to do yet. Charli needs to get something for Harper, which he as requested (multiple times) a big combine.  When we ask more about it he wants one as big as he his, and I pray he doesn't get it!  Charli had a lot of fun picking out Chad's gift but was quick to add "if he asks I will tell him he isn't getting anything for Christmas, not even nice kids that day!!" 

As we were reminded in church today there are only two weeks left until Christmas.  Charli gets to have the last show-n-tell before Christmas break, and on her day they are having a big birthday party for party and all!!  So many fun things coming up in the next few just flies by in December. 

I am happy to report that I was finally able to pack these PJs away!!  He loves these and when I would wash them he would grab them before I could pack them away...they were capris with a belly shirt - not a good look on him.

a friend from work put together some fun things for both kids when Harper broke his leg and one of those goodies were a package of window markers which we forgot about!  I was gone Friday night and returned to this!  It is a picture of me and Chad with Charli and Harper's names!  They had a lot of fun making this and many other creations on the bathroom mirror this weekend!  Ohhh, and in the background is a very special surprise gift Courtney sent! She is great at picking up on hints I guess...while in Iowa a few weeks ago I said I liked her perfume, and a short time later a friendly little elf dressed all in brown and driving a UPS truck brought this Ed Hardy package to me! Thanks Court, you're the best!

Harper was so excited to play in the snow this weekend when Chad (finally) got our lights up!  If only he wouldn't have gotten snow in his glove he could have lasted another 45 minutes I bet!   He was not happy to come in, but they both enjoyed the hot chocolate after!  Winter can be so much fun when you're a kid!

We have had a lot of fun driving to see Christmas lights.  We have more than one house in town who puts on a show to music on the radio and the kids are so attentive to watch!  Watching a Christmas Light show is a great way to get into the holiday spirit!! 

Have a great week ya'll!!

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  1. Such fun pictures, Brenda. Thanks for posting. Love you all! XXXXOOOOPPPP! Gma & Grmpa P