Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Memories spreading Chrismtas Cheer!!

So excited to see Santa!!  Harper wanted a combine, tractor, suckers, and candy!  Charli wanted stompees, Lincoln logs,and a new bed for Wynston to sleep in!  She later added that she wanted a new puppy for her daddy, since Kasper is in heaven!



Painting can be so much fun!!  Harper was getting to close to Charli's work of art though, so she had to move!!  They each did a fine job, wouldn't you say?!

our next fun task for the weekend was to make and create sugar cookies!!  Charli got to pick out all the designs and they ranged from a dinosaur, letters for their names, Christmas tree, stocking, gingerbread man,and many others!  Frosting was the most fun, I used gel food coloring and it stained everything from Harper's tummy to Chad's mouth!!  Charil thought it was hilarious!
Charli was not thrilled to discover that Harper got to wear jeans to her Christmas program Sunday night!!

Harper is so proud to see Charli on stage...he loved finding her, waving to her, telling her hi, and ending with "good job Charli!"
too cute for words ;-)

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