Monday, December 5, 2011

leaving notes for Santa!

We had our first Christmas party this weekend, it is fun to start the holiday season!  We had snow on the ground which made it feel even more like the "season"!

 Harper got some of his tractors out over the weekend, but is still asking for a combine from Santa.  I am not sure he will get it, but I don't think he will notice...or mind!

fun with the camera!  I had the camera sitting in Harper's room and he brought it to me and said "cheese" so we had some fun with upside group pictures!

 It seems like everyone has caught on to the elf this year!  I think about ten friends on facebook got an elf last week!  We have been sharing pictures, names, and stories.  This is our elf, Bunny.  This is his third year at our house, and he seems to be doing a pretty good job!  Now that Harper is able to get into it this year Bunny has a hard time keeping them both happy with where he hides, poor fella just can't catch a break!  Charli has been showing him pictures of what she wants, and plans to write a letter to him so he can take it back to Santa before she gets to see him.  There is a new tv movie about the elf on the shelf and Charli cannot wait to watch it with Bunny!!

At our party this weekend they kids each got a gift from Lynn (daycare) and also got to take their pick from a table...Charli picked this gun.  Lucky for her she was one of the first to pick because there were several boys eyeing this baby!

Charli * Lynn * Harper  (we had a little better picture of Harper but the girls had their eyes closed, as the boy..Harper must take one for the team and have the cheese pose!!)

Charli was nice enough to help Haper open his gift...he didn't seem to mind - he was more excited about the bow!  Harper got an aqua doodle...which was on Charli's list too!

two best buddies ! This is Maggie...she is in kindergarten this year and said she is excited for Charli to be in school next year so they can be best friends at recess! 

Charli LOVES candy canes, loves them!  She hung some on the tree and one happened to break and needed to be eaten.  This is her subtle wink!

first snowplay day!  Charli does not look thrilled here because something about black and blue boots just "screams" girl to her!!  Maybe with "6" she will learn that she is actually a girl?!

once she got out in the show she forgot about the shoes I guess!


  1. I think I've seen that face of disapproval on Charli's face before! Priceless!! We STILL don't have an Elf on a Shelf. I need to get one! I hear kids love them. Love the pictures!!

  2. As the "elf on a shelf" vet I expected to meet your "BUNNY" the day after Thanksgiving. Slacker! So much fun at the Preister house! Thanks for (finally) sharing your elf with me!

  3. I remember Charli getting so upset last year when Harper found Bunny first! Christmas is such fun! Thanks for sharing! XXXXOOOOPPPP! Gma & Gmpa P