Sunday, December 18, 2011

and the lessons we can learn at starbucks...

We are about to head out the door for Charli's church Christmas program, the day has been full of fun and exciting things!  But, I wanted to be sure to share something special from Charli's day - in fear that I may forget later!

After shopping Charli wanted to stop at Starbucks (bad habit to have started so early!) for some hot chocolate.  As we were walking to the counter she said to me "mom can we leave some dollars here in case the next person doesn't have enough money?".  How sweet, and how could I turn that request down.  Charli was so excited to leave $5 at the counter for the person to come next! 

The selflessness of a five-year old can make an entire week of worries and cares go away! Thank you, Charli, for teaching all of us the importance of simple acts of kindness to strangers!

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