Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rounding out May!

Sneaking in one more May update before we welcome June!

Memorial Day this year was extra special for my kids to attend as I was asked to provide the National Anthem as well as an additional song.  The kids like to hear me sing, but outside of our crazy singing never really hear me in public!  Charli was adorable and mouthed the words as I sang, and Harper as been singing "God Bless the USA" almost daily since!

These pictures are a bit out of order...but here we go anyway!  After Harper got his tonsils taken out, Charli was a pretty good nurse the first day or so.  She made him breakfast on his first morning, and this was the note she left with it.  It says he is a wonderful brother from his wonderful sister! 

Tonsillectomy did not slow this guy down!

The night of Harpers surgery, Charli played her first softball game...Dad was in charge of pictures and did a great job!

While waiting for surgery to take him back (after not eating from midnight on Monday night to 11:40 Tuesday morning) he kept himself busy playing with clay!

He was super proud of this -- he took his clay and made "Charli" letters!  He wanted her to see before he destroyed it, creations don't last long!

We had to find lots of ways to spend our hours....

He literally jumped on the surgery table.  I turned around and he was rolling out, so I snapped his picture and had to make them stop to give him a hug.  He could have cared less that he was leaving to head into surgery.  He was ready!

He wanted Charli to see his "cast"!

After waking from recovery, he was an animal!  he ate two Popsicles, applesauce, two jellos, pudding, mac & cheese, and drank a sprite, gatorade, water, and apple juice!   

On the drive home the night of surgery!  He was an all-star!

He thought this gift bag was pretty funny!  Grandma Jody gave him his "get well"gift with the front as his before picture and the back as his after!

This was about 24 hours after surgery.  He could not be slowed down - which worked well for him...he is a tough kiddo!

One of Charli's friends and classmates made this bag for the Relay For Life...the top 5 reason how to be a ninja!  Charli smiled when she saw it.  It is sad that her friends have to know what cancer is..this little buddy has another friend currently i treatment now (sammy) so he gets it more than most. 

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