Monday, June 9, 2014

Jump'n June

June is a busy month, so I knew I needed to slam a post out early!  These are out of order, but they are here!  We are only 9 days into the I think we are okay!

Charli helped with her friend Madeline's 8th Annual Alex's Lemonade Stand again this year.  She keeps making it bigger and better as she gets older.  It's amazing to watch kids jump in and help...they make some of the most successful plans, and it makes the world to them and when it is from them.  I love the support Charli's friends have given and continue to give year after year!

Charli * Moe * Hunter doing the lemon challenge!  

It might be hard to believe, but by the end of day one of the stand, Charli was dancing!  

Harper is working on his gymnastics!  

Charli started her soccer tourney Friday night.  After four games, they ended the tournament undefeated, and they worked hard for that!

Jill & Brenda doing the lemon challenge!

Charli * Lynette * Madeline * Lizza * Isabel

Madeline & Harper on day 3 of the stand!  

Harper wanted to be "daddy's twin" with his!!

Chad's cousins were leaving a bridal shower as we were at the stand and did the lemon challenge with Harper!

Harper and Delanie, Madeline's mom!

Who wouldn't want lemonade from these cuties?!

Andy, another local survivor, and Harper demonstrating how easy the challenge is!

Before the busy weekend started, Charli had to get past her taekwondo testing.  The testing goes pretty quickly, but Harper has to come along and sit each week and her events...and it gets pretty boring for him.  This is how he passed the time with grandpa...taking selfies! 

Look at the worry on her face, and the anxiety in her eyes.  She was SO stressed out about this testing.  Like I have never seen before.  If it wasn't going to make her, it was going to break her.  But, she nailed it and felt great about it -- after she was finally done.  It was hard to watch her lose confidence -- but we cannot go out there and do it for her!
Super proud of her.  Hoping that this week she will find out if she has advanced another level and will receive her blue belt.  Testing starts to slow down for kids as it gets more difficult, she is four belts from black maybe in 3rd grade?!  It will be here before we know it!

These girls are having so much fun together and will only get better in the coming weeks when they are spending so much more time together!  They are working hard, and are setting some goals for themselves!

Lady Vipers 2014

One of the funnest parts of the weekend (also a little stressful) was to watch Charli and her BFF Moe play against each-other on opposite teams!  It couldn't have ended more perfectly -- a tie!  

And finally... Sunday night - the bumble bees played for the win!!

It's a big deal that we can't make a big deal!  Charli picked out & bought this pink tournament shirt this weekend!  

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