Monday, June 30, 2014

Jam-packed June



My kids got spoiled early on by thinking they got to go to yogurt city after each game that someone came to watch them play...which they loved because they often had fans in the crowd!

Harper really got the shaft this year because Charli had out of town soccer the weekend before and after his we celebrated between games.  Lucky for him my sister and her kids came to the game, so it felt like a 1/2 party!  She treated him to gelato and a cupcake!

We got suckered into a group picture at the arch, we thought mom would like the picture ;-)

Charli and a few of her soccer teammates found each other at softball one night.  These girls can be SO silly, so quickly!

He was super excited to get new flip flops this year, because he wore out four pairs this summer!  This kid knows how to get his money out of shoes!

Harper got a tent for his birthday so a camp out was necessary, and lucky the weather cooperated, mostly.  It was super hot and they got rained out 1/2 way through the night! 

The Monroe zoo continues to be a favorite spot to take the kids when we have some downtime.  I love how hands-on they get to be with the animals. 

This summer brought a lot of soccer Charli's way.  She had several camps along with her club games.  I was very thankful for good friends who helped get her where she needed to be on the days I couldn't get away. 

Harper played his first year of t-ball this year.  The season is super short, and was made even shorter because Harper sat out two games from his tonsillectomy.  Braxton came to watch on their final night...he was a veteran too as his season ended the week before!

I love these three!  Charli, Andy, and Sam.  These three kiddos are all little fighters from Columbus who are friends solely because of their commonality of fighting cancer.  I hate that they have this similarity, but I am so thankful to have them in our lives.  These kids and their families are near and dear to us, to say the least!

Relay For Life 2014
Dad * Brenda * Randy * Vicki * Rachelle * Mom
The potential threat for bad weather moved the event indoors this year.  I missed the outdoor event, but it was a neat and new way to experience Relay this year.  I was happy to have my "Borg" family present.  It doesn't' happen often because Randy lives in Arkansas, but they have been back a few times and I love it! 

And the bigger Borg group...not everyone was there, we were missing the biggest of the boys (Andrew, Bryant, and Derek) but getting a majority in one spot is a big deal!

I love this picture too! This is everyone who came from the Charli's Angels team...

Charli volunteered to get her face slammed by a wet sponge...Harper loved taking his turn to get her too!

Grand & Grandpa Preister **  Grandma Deb ** Great Grandma & Grandpa Louis 

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