Sunday, November 6, 2011

what goes up, must come down!

We had beautiful weather this has been a great fall in Nebraska.  I know it will come to an end sooner or later, but while it is here - it has been so nice to enjoy.  The trees are amazing and the "feeling" has been all you expect fall to be!!

With the blessings of fall, I am sorry to say that we do have some sad news to share.  Our dog, Kasper, (the white Maltese) passed away on Friday.  He has been acting like he wasn't feeling well for a few weeks, but we couldn't pin point anything.  Finally took him in on Thursday because he wasn't able to walk.  We thought he had a back injury.  Chad took him to the vet at 3:15am Friday morning (after we had been up with him for awhile before that).  He was having a massive seizure.  While we did not do an autopsy to be 100% sure, many signs point to Kasper having a brain tumor.  This is the puppy I bought for Chad after our wedding...he was buddy, and it has made for several sad days in our house.  The kids don't really grasp it.  Harper keeps saying "shhh, Kasper napping, doctor, heaven".  And while I think Charli does grasp the concept, she doesn't understand the finality of death.  Our other dog, Wynston has handled it far better than I thought...we thought me may go next of a broken heart, but he seems to be doing well.

Harper has been fighting a bad cough the last few days.  It was just as he fell asleep or woke up, but the past day or two it has been more often.  Now has he is sleeping, it is pretty constant.  Hoping we can make it through without any urgent care appointments.

Charli helping little brother brush his teeth before bed.  She does a good job!  I love this picture because she is sticking her tongue out to encourage him to do the same so she can brush it!



big - BiG - BIG news!!  Harper can walk!  While waiting to do something fun Sunday afternoon, as you will see below, Harper walked!!!!  He is now a walking boy!!!  What a difference in life that makes!  What a wonderful way to start our thanksgiving season, we are so thankful for the progress which he has made in the past two weeks!!  It is cute to watch him.  His feet are finally flat now, and he is just like a baby learning to walk for the first time - so unsure, yet wanting to be sure independent!

co-pilot Charli!!!  We purchased a helicopter ride at Chad's uncles benefit this summer.  Charli got to ride up front, and she was so proud to do so!!!  At one point, she did bump a lever and we "dropped", which was fine because the pilot was watching her and then did it several times, which Charli loved.  My stomach is still turning, but everyone else had a blast!  I used to love fair rides before having kids, after having stomach is not the same!

Harper kept his headphones on great, so he could hear us all talking and added a few things every now and again!
Chad had a great time, and would love to go again!!  I think this picture was during a tight turn, or a "drop".

 we rode to my parents farm!  I thought it would be fun to see the farm, and also thought the kids would think it was neat to fly over a place they would recognize.  We drove around many times so we got to see mom and dad waving at us!!  Notice the tall blue things in the upper left corner... dad climbed up there to be closer to us when we arrived!!!!  It was a big surprise to come around and see him standing there!!

 our house!!  We also circled this many times!  It was so hard for Charli to find our house when there are hundreds in such a small area!  Finally she found it, and was proud to see the house!!  (pretty exciting, huh?!!)

 We had so much fun, and cannot wait to do it again.  I hope we do it again, it is worth the investment and a great time of unique entertainment!

sharp looking ride!


  1. Love love love the update! So happy to see Harper walking again! Blessing for sure! The helicopter ride looked like so much fun! Really cool to see the farm I've heard so much about and how cool that your Dad was up there waving! Can't wait to see you guys soon. Xoxo -Courtney
    P.S. RIP Kasper -you will be missed by your family!

  2. GREAT PICTURES!!!! It looked like an awesome ride! YAY! for Harper walking! So sorry about Kasper. Love you all! XXXXOOOOPPPP Grma & Grmpa P