Sunday, November 13, 2011

eyes wide open

Quick post, with no pictures...those are never the fun ones right?! Chad went hunting this weekend, something he looks forward to almost all year.  In all honesty, so do I.  I love having the kids to myself for the weekend...knowing we can do whatever we want, when we want, and be on our own schedule without regard to anyone else!  We had a busy weekend this year, hasn't always been the cast in years past.

Today in church Charli drew a picture for Chad that says "I love dad, I know you went deer hunting".  When we got home she raided the candy basket to pick three things out for Chad so she could hand them over when he walked in.  With perfect timing when Chad walked in and Charli said "this is for you says "I love you Dad even though I know you went deer hunting"!! 

We quickly and easily become distracted in life, but when Chad is gone it forces me to have my eyes wide open to what is going on.  This includes noticing that my kids were holding hands during the children's service and that Harper drew a picture for Charli while in the car today.  These are things I may not notice every day...but on the days I do they mean the world!

Have a great week ya'll! 

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  1. Pictures are great, but your stories are so much fun to read too. I love how you are so real and mix the good with the "real", always. Can't wait 'til next week.