Tuesday, November 22, 2011

for this we give thanks

We have so much to be thankful for, on weeks such as this I never really know where to start. 

Chad and I celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary on Sunday.  It was a beautiful and sunny day...just like it was on our wedding day.  To celebrate we did our typical Sunday activities...Sunday is a day which we generally have many things going on to get us ready for the week.  It wasn't anything grand, but in the scheme of things what better way to celebrate your love than by facilitating your family?!!  ( I think this is probably what people say when they don't do anything extraordinary for their anniversary!!)  But in all seriousness, it was a nice day...just doing what we do ;-)

Harper is still walking with a pretty defined limp, which was expected.  I am hoping this is corrected soon, for his benefit so that he doesn't learn a pattern of the limp he has.  When he gets up from sitting for a period of time (floor play, movie, nap, sleep, etc) it is far more obvious.  At times it looks painful for him, though he never complains.

Charli is enjoying school.  She is learning to spell new words and loves to sound out what words start with.  She will show off her counting skills to just about anyone who will listen and does not always like to share saying her ABC's with Harper.  He, of course, is not as fast and accurate as she is.  She is FIVE you know! ;-)

We hope that everyone has a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.  This year I give special thanks to the simple things in life.  The simple things are the ones which mean the most, and the older I get the more I see this in the every day luxuries I have that many do not.  I have the best of friends, friends which make themselves available to me at any time of the day and/or night.  These are friends who listen to me cry and praise my successes.  I have friends who don't hide behind what they want the world to think they are, and friends who will stop at nothing to make sure their friends are taken care of.  I have a husband who puts his family above all things.  He works hard and always finds the perfect balance between being a workaholic and an amazing father.  I have super supportive parents who will literaly do all things to help when they are needed, parents who have lead by example my entire life.  I have a secure and fulfilling job.  I have been challenged in a way the past year I have not experienced before and am part of an amazing group of people who are working to make our community a better place for our present and our future.  I have healthy and happy kids who grow and learn each day.  They love each other and are kind to those around them.  For these and many other things I am thankful. 

gotta love the oversized pixie sticks left from Halloween!!

I can't even be annoyed at the careless parent who bought these to give kids, because it was me and these were leftovers :-)

A week or so ago I walked downt he hall and heard the kids in our room, when I peaked in I found the two of them hudled around the latest toy catalog pointing to toys they want.  Charli would say, "Harper do you think this is a boy toy?  I want it." followed by "eww, look at this...it's for girls"  I can only imagine what will be under the tree for her this year!

 a few weeks ago Charli's homework was to create this turkey feather with several things she is thankful for.  She had a hard time coming up with a list, but as you can see asked me to write the list as she said it...so she could write it on her feather.    On the list was "fireman, dog, toys, Harper, Dad, and Mom".  She also wanted to include a picture of "the girls" (Ryen, Charli, and Macey", as well as Harper, Buzz, and a fireman!  She was very set on what would be on her feather and kept looking at books and magazines before finding what she wanted!

Hide-n-Seek is a favorite in our house.  Chad finds the "best" places to hide (or so Charli and Harper think, mom generally thinks the opposite) such as in the laudnry shoot, ABOVE the cupbaords, etc.  Charli is getting very creative now and covers pillows up with blankets to trick you!

 it wasn't long before he was discovered in this spot...the easy ones are never good!

 Charli thought she looked like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz with these bubbles on her head before bath one night!

Harper is pretty sure this is his hunting hat, but Charli said she remembers getting it when she was a baby!

we are in full-blown coat weather here...cool morning with the beatiful sun in the sky for most of the day, most days! 

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  I would love to hear a few things that you are thankful...post away!


  1. As always, GREAT POST! You should write a newspaper column in your local newspaper. Serious! I remember the camo hat Harper is wearing...I can see the pictures in my head of baby Charli wearing it! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We're really looking forward to this Friday night with your family!! I am so thankful to have you as a friend. If it weren't for having you in my life, I don't know how I would have gotten to the point that I am. You're always there for me (and my family) and we love you guys SO much! THANKS for all you do! XOXO!!- Court

  2. I am thankful I get to start my week at your blog each week! I don't know what it is about reading it, but it makes me want to see things better in my own life too. I am thankful I found your blog when I needed it! Happy Thanksgiving to the Preister family. And I think your friend Courtney is on to something, we could have a naming contest to name your column! ~~Tabi