Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the word of China

go tsunamis!!!!  what a BIG name for such a small, yet mighty, t-ball team!!

one excited little girl to get to play catcher right out of the gate! 

 Harper was not feeling the best this night, but he still made it out to support big sister at her game!  He managed to eat some popcorn, but was not willing to be nice to anyone who looked at him! He has been V-E-R-Y slow with his teeth, and is just now working on some i-teeth.  He is getting the top two for sure, but not sure about the bottom teeth.  He generally gets them in groups of four, so I am guessing this is to blame for his attitude lately.  (not genetics as I had been saying prior to seeing the teeth pop!)

 by the end of summer he just may be crawling this fence!!

 happiness is spending the day with your cousins!!  These girls have so much fun together.  Ryen and Macey came to the shop to ride 4-wheelers for a few hours this weekend.  Charli enjoyed showing the big girls how to ride :-)  (they will beg for a 4-wheeler after leaving our place and Charli will beg for a horse after we visit them!)

 these two are buddies!  Ryen has always liked to mother Harper...but they are able to do it in a more fun way than Charli, since she isn't the pesky big sister!

 Charli has really been wishing she was a boy, because things like "pink", "purple", dresses, and anything "pretty" are pretty gross.  So when you see these three in grungy hoodies...does the term "tomboy" come to mind?  Charli was telling Rachelle that she wanted to be a boy and Ryen chimed in and said "Charli, you can do all the things boys can do and still be a girl.  You will just be a tomboy.

 This big guy, George, could eat our dogs up for an appetizer!  Harper thought he was pretty neat to chase around.  Right after I took this picture he took George's tale and kept pulling it to his (the dogs) mouth until he bit it!!

After a full day of play on Sunday Charli and I had a sleepover at the farm so she could play a little more with her cousins.  She has so much fun with them, a side effect is total exhaustion and a little attitude from time to time...but they have so much fun together.  Ryen, Macey, and Colton always outlast her!  Mom and dad had a full house so Charli and I got to bunk up together.  While talking each other to sleep Charli wanted me to ask her all sorts of silly questions, she gave the same answer each time..."Charli, why don't hot dogs have bellybuttons?"  to which Charli replied "mmmm, that is the word of China"  What does that mean and where did she get it?!!  If anyone has a clue, please fill me in!!!

 On Monday, after another long day of fun, playing, goats, 4-wheelers, and a picnic we went to the park -- where the wind did not blow us away, believe it or not!  Charli mastered going up the slide and, well Harper...Harper mastered making the corner up and sliding back down!

making it to the top never seemed to get old for this pip-squeak! (notice her hat...which you will hardly ever see her without now-a-days!)


how much fun can we pack into a weekend?! I think we put it to the test this weekend!  However, this coming weekend will really give it a run for it's money!  I will be speaking at two Relay For Life events on back to back nights in Omaha...so we are making a little mini-vacation out of it.  A mini-vacation is another work for "poor mans vacation"...most specifically a "workaholics vacation"!!  We have a great big surprise in the works for Charli and Harper, but I can't spoil it...sorry, you will have to check back next week!  I will say that it is something neither Chad nor I have ever had the opportunity to do!!  Can't wait!

Our 5th Annual Charli's Angels Poker Run is Sunday, which we HOPE will be a great big ending to another big and busy weekend!  All of the money we raise this year will be going to "Angels Among Us" which is a local (Nebraska) charity that helps so many through their hard work and dedication for families with cancer.  We are honored to help!!  If you are around...please come out!! 

while he is still, and always will be, my baby -- he is changing into more of a "big boy" each day --> no matter how hard I try to keep him little...

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend...and are rested up enough to make it through our short week with enough pep-in-your-step to roll the weekend in and celebrate with style! :-)  Thanks for making your way to our new blog...hope you keep coming back!!  night*night

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