Monday, May 16, 2011

it's good to be back!

After blogging for more than five years it felt so strange to be off duty for a while, while our other blog was out of commission!!  It was my intent to get our books made so we could keep or original blog, but the time just isn't this is my alternative!! 

Remember, if you flow us as a "follower" on blogspot you will need to update your list with our new address!!

its a lot of fun to see family become friends...and see their faces light up when they get to spend time together!

Harper rocked his new sunglasses on Easter, and has enjoyed them ever since!

 the Easter Bunny left lots of little surprises for us outside again this year!  Charli was soooo excited to discover this before church!

pretty pretty girl!!  she looks so pretty in dresses, I am not sure why it is like pulling teeth to get her in one!

handsome boy!!

 i love this picture!

 how observant am I...I didn't realize that we were in the same color until someone said it at church!!


 does she look four?!

 Charli has given Harper a few rides...and they both think that is great!

 they love to play at the shop...which melts Chad's heart!!

 our new best friends!!  both momma goats had babies in the past few weeks!!  We have a little boy (fluffy)and twin girls! (skipper & flipper)

baby goats just may be the cutest little animals ever!

 fun family time!!  Now that Harper rides the little 4-wheeler, everyone has their own ride while we play!!

follow the leader!

 Charli gave lots of rides!!  Charli and Grandpa Charlie!

 Charli and Grandma Borg!

 Charli and Grandma Jody!

Charli was pointing out the woodpecker to Harper before going to Lynn's house!!  She is such a great helper with him, and he tolerates her so well!

 off to do chores!

 too precious!


Thanks for coming to our new site...hopefully it won't be long before this feels like"home"!