Sunday, December 2, 2012

You better watch out, you better not cry

The days between posts have been full of ups and downs.  Last Sunday Chad's uncle, Ivan, passed away after an amazing battle against melanoma.  His wake and funeral followed in the days to come.  With these events Chad's oldest sister traveled back with her husband and two kids from the kids had some extra cousin time with all the Preister kids, which does not get to happen enough! I did not have my camera for these play dates, so I am hoping my sister-in-laws will be kind enough to share?!!

Chad and I celebrated our 8th anniversary.  Given Chad's sweet tooth I knew that these would hit the spot!  While I was able to give the idea, I did not make them!  I have a friend, Missy, who is a PRO and made them with love for me!

Love!  Our tree of full of love and memories which back to 1981, which is my first Christmas ordainment   I am lucky to have a mom who has shared these to be on our tree now which keeps our tree nice and "full"! (and I wouldn't want it any other way!)

 What GREAT memories!!  My parents are remodeling their house, and it has been quite the project!  Over Thanksgiving break we helped mom and dad get paint on their walls.  And, as you can see dad even let the little girls help paint the basement hall...they though they were big stuff!  What a fun memory for them to have with Grandpa!

They are pretty good worker bees...and Grandpa is a good supervisor! 

At our annual Christmas party we were surprised to have Mr. & Mrs. Clause drop in for a visit with the kids!  Harper asked for a farm set and a bucket of sticks!

Charli asked for a skateboard!

 The gang!  We are so blessed to have this extended family to celebrate with each year.  These families help mold and shape our kids, and teach so many priceless lessons.  From back to front: Henry, Elizabeth, Bodee  (being held by Carrie!), Aspen, Charli, Maggie, Sadie, Santa, Mrs. Clause, Harper, Lexie, Aspen, and Harrison...two ornery boys jumped in the picture  little late...Liam and Ean you are missed!

Harper was excited to get his art supplies from Lynn for Christmas!

Charli and Liam

Charli waiting to see her new art supplies too!!  We LOVE art!

 Charli * Harper * Lynn 2012 

 Harper and Charli enjoying the party!

The kids made mini pizzas today, and they were excellent!

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