Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A dysfunctional family

Harper has not been great at staying in his bed at bedtime lately.  He will quietly get out of his bed and play in his room, without uttering a peep until we hear a random toy noise and know to check in and find him deep in concentrated play.  It is adorable, but not cool.  Just not cool Harper!  We never know what we will find him snuggled up, but a lunch box does not seem like a good snuggle buddy to me!

A lot of people have them, a dysfunctional family.  I guess I am no different.  And, by dysfunctional I mean that we have an extended family (my moms sisters/brother, their kids, their kids' kids, and now their kids' kids' kids!!!) who get together every year and we LOOK FORWARD to the time together!  My mom has siblings who live in Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota and they have kids who live in California, Minnesota, Iowa, Alabama, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, and Illinois.  Every year we gather for our family Christmas, which the kids have been diligent in continuing after my grandma passed away over 15 years ago.  I am impressed and proud that this tradition continues.  In a time when families have a hard time gathering with parents and extended family goes above and beyond to make sure we continue to stay connected.  Because of this I guess we are a bit dysfunctional, in a positive way!

 Harper loves this boy!  He has since Reid was a baby.  Harper and Reid (1) will  grow to be great buddies!!

Harper * Chad * Reid 

 Thank you Uncle Louie!  Harper was in heaven in Kansas this weekend...he LOVED it at their house!  They live on a beautiful acreage with lots of room to roam, big boy toys to play with, and horses to ride and watch!  

Syndey * McKenna * Harper

 Harper was hopeful that his box was legos...

  and was pretty sure he was right...

and was thrilled!!

 Charli and Charlie playing pool!  

 Charli's big (second) cousins let her play bananagrams, and she did pretty well by herself!  My cousin helped her a bit when she needed it -- what a big kid ;-)

 Ashely, Cohen, and Charli making some jewelry.  Charli made me a beautiful ring for Christmas!

 Cohen (5) * Charli 

 Vicki, I took this picture for you!!  The little cousins were wrestling with David!  For awhile your boys had all of David's attention (which meant being taught some naughty and nice things!!) and now that there are more of them, they get to seek revenge in Andrew and Bry's honor!!  ;-)  

There was a total of 13 kids there this weekend, and I do not recall hearing any real squabbles, is that possible?!

 Charli also got to enjoy the scenery from the top of a horse this weekend!  While on their adventure Harper and Uncle Louie saw deer, ducks, and other animals!  Charli and Louie got to see the beautiful animals and scenery too!  

Charli and Chad worked on this project tonight...they took her books out and made a road down both halls so she could have a road to drive her hot wheels on the carper (and not the walls like I asked!) -- problem solver!  

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  1. Brenda,
    I think you are right, it is amazing that your family continues to get together. That is something you should all be proud of, I am sure your grandparents (or great grandparents) are proud to see the family keep this priority. What a lucky family to be part of!