Sunday, November 4, 2012

super powers!

Where has time gone, I am ashamed I haven't posted for over two weeks!  We have been working on some house projects so everything is a letter chaotic I guess!

Charli had her final soccer game a few weeks ago, I think she was ready for the season to close, but did want to go to soccer practice the next week!  We had a "blue out" at the game to honor a little guy in Columbus who is currently fighting Neuroblastoma.  Charli and I helped some friends earlier in the week get shirts to those fellow soccer families who still needed their Sammy Superhero shirts!  We see them everywhere, and rightfully so!  They deserve all the support we can rally around them.  They are on a hell of a journey, there is no doubt about that.

 Harper was a good fan this season!

 Charli does an excellent job on defense, just like her uncle Randy!

 thanks to everyone to came to watch this season!  One quick picture with her fan club after her final game!

next year we may have two kids on the greens to play!

Halloween was great this year, I am not sure why I feel so passionately about it this year, but it was!  The kids were so well behaved and gracious....things I did not see of all little kiddos walking the street, and they kept repeating to Chad and I how much fun they were having together!  Charli was pretty much in charge of Harper to get to the door, use manners, and hold his hand when crossing the street.  Charli was a fierce red "power ranger samari" and Harper was the proudest "Army Guy, just like grandpa" I have ever seen!  They were both super heroes we all agreed!  As usual, we have too much candy.

 these two love to be workers on the weekends!!

 Harper & Charli are now proud owners of a 3D TV and their own 3D glasses!  This is a nice way to coax them into sitting, for now!

 what is better than a weekend fort!?

 Harper * Chris * Charli 

 Harper * Charli * Casper

 Charli * Lynn *Harper

 Harper * Elli * Charli

The moments when your kids are self sufficient in certain tasks can be so gratifying.  We have hit some great milestones in the fast few months...learning to tie shoes, putting on gloves, and  snapping our car seat are a few wonderful things mom and dad are relishing in these days!

Lots of busy weeks and weekends ahead of us, as for most of you too!  November is a month to give thanks and a great opportunity to reflect on what brings you the most joy in life and how to capitalize on what you have, instead of what you need!  Welcome to November everyone, it won't last forever!

 "Science Sunday"

Skeletons !!

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  1. Love the pictures! Not to make you feel bad or anything, but I have kind of been checking every day for some updates! :) Hope you post pictures of the paint updates, maybe you will motivate me to get started!