Thursday, March 22, 2012

wrap it in a bow and call it life!

Thursday came and left with no news, which is good news!  Charli did great at her appointment, which we were expecting...yet we need that confirmation!  Next year she will have a scan on her heart to verify that one of the drugs did not cause any damage.  Aside from that, and a little needle stick - it was all fun! 

with the redesign of Children's Hospital we can be out and about with our pager in hand, and not wait impatiently like we did years ago!  Charli loves to watch this little ball maze!

mom and Charli waiting for the annual blood draw, I think she always sits on my lap.  This may be, perhaps, for my comfort and not hers?  Who's to say?!

Not even a flinch when she got the poke, though she was annoyed at they kept squeezing her finger and wiping the blood away rather than putting it in the container at first!

After her appointment it was off to "her big day".  As you can see it meant anything and everything she wanted for lunch at the Amazing Pizza Machine.  This was her fist time getting her own glass of pop, in addition she had ice cream, cookies, brownies, and a slushy.  Oh, and a little pizza too :-)

mom and charli getting ready for a ride to start!  It was fast!!

one of Charli's favorite parts of the day...the racetrack!  These two like the say they won, I may beg to differ.

Charli's competitive animal side came out on this, she trapped total strangers in the corner and would only let them go when we either had to tell her, or bumped her out of their way!  She was in her zone on this ride!

She had a great time!! (we all did!)

And, for $70.00 in pizza and game tokens we cam home with eight ninjas.  Overpriced, says who?!

this picture would  make "grandpa" Ernie's heart melt.  This is his tractor which Chad had restored.  The kids (big and little, as pictured above) enjoy rides and driving this around!


This is Charli's plant/pet grass named Justin.  She discussed naming it after Justin Beiber, are you kidding me?!!  She later said that was NOT the case! 

i love this picture!!  Charli has her hand on his shoulder in such a sweet way!

as Chad called it "our red neck afternoon"...they love to ride together!

Harper was able to move around a little quicker with this tow-strap on his peddle tractor!

cute!!  She will give rides to anyone who asks...if you are interested!

"As we were growing up my sister always acted like she didn't care about me, but the truth is I know she could protect me like no one else because she loves me like no one else."  ~ author unknown ~

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  1. Somehow I missed this post! But I love it! Great pictures! Her face at Amazing Pizza Machine is priceless! AND I love the tractor picture with the bins in the background! IT's perfect!