Wednesday, March 14, 2012

if you have a wish...make it!

You may have read the link I posted a day or so ago about Charli's fun!!  Here are a few pictures leading up to the party, and a few others!

a surprise gift left on our porch of "captain hook" was just what Charli needed to get her through a long week!  She was super excited to open it, yet not sure why she got it!

playing so nice!  Legos would fill this truck, and when it would dump they would all fall on a big flatbed trailer below!  Nice thinking kids! ;-)

Harper was trying to get many animals to play nicely together this evening!  I am not sure you can see, but in his pen was a cow, goat, pig, two deer, and a dog...with grandpa feeding them!

Charli's bathroom mirror masterpiece!  These are fun to use when the moment is right!

cowgirl-up ya'll!!  This may be Charli's 'new' favorite shirt...paired with pants which are too short and her loved boots!

just chill'n -- too cute!

Harper was driving a bus...then he added another row of seats, but still wanted to be a backseat driver!

getting ready for the party!

Charli getting a few goodies to get her excited for the trip!

Make-A-Wish even got a few things for Harper, Charli was happy to share a gift with him...after she had hers of course!

The kids got a few goodies at the party too...these were CARS suckers - classy :-)
Charli *Ryen*Macey
both of the "woodys" for the night had already taken their costumes off!!  These suckers were a hit, thank you old navy!  (of all places to buy a sucker!)

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