Friday, August 12, 2011

birthday are fun!

Chad had a birthday last weekend, we decided to make a two-day celebration for him!  Saturday night Grandma and Grandpa P came down to play with the kids for a couple of hours while Chad and I went to eat and watch a movie!  I probably enjoyed the date night more than he did, but I assure you it was for HIS birthday :-)  It never fails, when we go go see movies, we always walk out of there feeling like we are 17 again going to the movies...which is secretly fun too!

On Sunday we took a trip to Kearney so Chad could get new work boots at Cabela's.  One of my sisters lives in the area, so they met us for lunch.  After lunch we went to Cabela's.  Harper thought the store was the best!  He thought all the animals were sleeping, and wanted everyone to "shhhh" ;-)  We took a trip to the Children's Museum which was great.  The Kearney museum is great...and I preferred it over Lincoln!  There may have been fewer things, but the kids could run around with having to worry about the stairs, etc - perfect.  However, they kids tuckered out before I was ready as I have two friends who live in town and I was hoping to surprise them with a quick visit...and that didn't work out.  

 Charli cracking the eggs for her dad's cake!  Harper waited so nice and patiently...he was sad he didn't get to crack an egg!!

 Haper did get to dump the water and oil which was probably more fun for him!! 

 Charli got to dump her eggs in , she was not about to relinquish this to her brother!

 No matter how much fun breaking eggs and dumping liquids is, it does not beat this part of the process!!

 and this is MY favorite part of the process!!  They had a great time together.  While they were eating I said "lets take your picture" and Harper put his arm around Charli.  Too sweet!

For Chad's birthday the kids gave him a little bit of his favorite things...white cake with chocolate frosting, hunting gear, and things so they can help wash cars!!  They love to give these things, he loves to get them...but most of all they love that they are things to do together!

"my favorite things"
Charli also got to put the sprinkles on and "design" what we put on there!  Ultimately we decided on "31", and heart, and a B, C, & H to sign our names!

When Charli says "31" it sounds like "41" -- which cracks me up!  However, that means whens he says I am "30" it sounds like "40" ;-)

this is how Harper rolls!  It is great to have such a big wagon to carry things all over the house!

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