Monday, August 22, 2011

big and busy days!!!

Perspective is an amazing thing...just amazing.  Waking up in the morning and deciding that you will have a great day, puts everything in motion.  Until. Until the dogs get into the trash, the big sisters leaves the little brother out, the little brother takes the big sisters toy, the water falls on the floor, the lunch is left in the fridge, the office is a mess, etc, etc!!  However...all of that fads away when we have a small reminder, just a glimmer of what a real problem is or what true joy looks like.

(the pictures are very out of order!!

 Charli was so proud of this mud when it was nice and fresh and fun!

There is a big puddle at the shop and Charli had the time of her life tearing around in it!!  She had mud on her legs, arms, and face!!

Charli's first day of preschool!!!  She was such a big girl - didn't look back when she walked us to the door!!

My eyes filled with a few tears when I remember holding a small little baby and thinking...will she get to do all the things she is supposed to do?  Perspective.

my two favorite Charli & Charlie's in the world!!  She loves her grandpa!  Hanging on the farm has been a blast on our last few visits, especially now that grandpa's garden is so exciting!

does it get any better than this?!  I am still not sure who loved this the most...grandpa, Charli, Harper, or Chad!! 

Charli washing her 4-wheeler the weekend before she went mudd'n!  She is a total product of her father!!  She even dried it when she was done!! 

how can one simple piece of machinery make three people sooooo happy?!

Chad said that he remembers having a picture of himself like this!!  At every turn I see how much trouble we are in with this one....

Lucky for us, he hasn't found the mud yet!!
two of my favorite boys!

It's me!!  Chad had ME knock a tree over and haul it down the highway back to the tree pile at the shop!  He was like a proud momma bird!  It doesn't take much to make those we love happy!

more fun in the mud!

Chad may have gone to clown college in a former life?!!

Perspective is a word which a good friend has brought into my life...and one which has been on my mind a lot lately!  Life can change in a second, we all know this -- why do we forget?  Why do we only appreciate the small miracles when we are faced with losing a big one?  We are all guilty of it.  We hear of a heartbreaking story, it makes us reevaluate our situation...we gain some perspective and we become more rounded.  For awhile.  Then, we let the little things build back up to the point where we lose sight of the amazing grace we have in front of us at all times. is a tricky beast to tame. 


  1. GREAT post Brenda. Perspective is a great reminder that we all need. Even those of us who've been down some extremely rough patches! I love the pic of Charli in the mud puddle on her 4 wheeler. Too Cute! Love ya'll-- Courtney

  2. So true Brenda. We shouldn't sweat the small is too short! Love the pictures of the kiddo's. Enjoy your time at preschool Charli!

    ~the Classen's~

  3. I love coming here! I love to come and see your kids grow and enjoy the wonderful life you have given them. I love to read your words and apply them each week, it makes me a better mom, wife, and friend. And, I SO appreciate you taking the time to share your life with us. Finding your family through Charli's cancer was on of the many blessings I have in my life, and you have taught me to recognize that. Today I will have perspective on life, thank you.