Monday, July 11, 2011

weekends of fun!

 Stories and pictures and memories...OH MY!!  So many pictures and so many stories, it is so hard to pick what makes it on the blog!!  Blogger is being a bit difficult so I will cut this short in the effort of time!

Each year my brother and his family celebrate their oldest sons birthday in Nebraska (lucky us!!!).  He was born 7-7-7, so we always have a nice 4th of July celebration in combination!  The clouds were out a little, but it didn't bother the kids when it came to the pool and slip-n-slide!!  Charli had a blast, and whether his suit was on, or his clothes were on...Harper had fun too!!

catching some air here!  Harper was amazed by her courage, and he tried his best to recreate, but couldn't quite get it!!

Do you remember the picture a week or so ago of Charli near the corn...she didn't shrink :-)
Charli * Colton
Harper works so independently to buckle himself in at each meal!  Here is another way he is so totally different than Charli!  Charli was never "seat-belted" into anything (aside from her car seat!!), but Harper insists on being snapped into his highchair, stroller, etc..he loves to buckle himself in, maybe that is why he insists?!

And, he is SO proud when he is done!

'the sun never goes down when your cool'

I think Harper has the ability to read Charli's mind from time to time...before she even starts to do something, he is already trying it!  This is something cute...and sometimes naughty!!

pictures are a little out of order here I see!!  She had a lot of fun, thanks grandma for buying such a fun toy for the farm!  The kids had a great time out there for the weekend.  We took our camper out to the farm and "camped" for a few of both worlds!

I guess my theme for last week was "photo stories"...this one kind of explains itself!!  He ate so much watermelon this morning...!


he just couldn't get enough!  I know the feeling...not much is better than a good watermelon!!

Harper and his cousin Grant.  It looks like Harper is a shrimp next to him, but he is just in a tiny chair!!  These two saw each other for the first time since Christmas and hugged, then went along their way to play...too cute!
they were pretty good buddies!

the little boy buddies!  We were missing Colton :(  (and the new little baby Borg boy which will be coming in the fall!!  wow...three little borg boys, all in a row.  Sounds like the start to a nursery ryhmn!)

It was toasty, but nothing so bad that downing some water wouldn't fix!

I think Charli felt like a big kid here...she liked to carry this chair around!  Speaking of "big kid" after hanging with her big cousin for a few days she has started to talk like her!  This is a sample of what Charli is saying now-a-days "Mom, did you hear Harper?  He was like "dad", but it wasn't dad - it was mom.  So I was like HARPER, it was mom not dad, okay?  Crazy huh".  WOW...thanks Ryen :-)

super excited to light fireworks this year!!

love this one!!  The wind wasn't is her running backwards after lighting the firework!!

ahhh, these didn't even need explaining!!  :-)

he is such a pro at picking out shirt, puma shorts, and cowboy boots.  He IS this father's son.  He played for along time outside like this...without a care in the world!!

we traveled north for what may be our last Relay of the season this past weekend.  The next day we had a day full of fun!  We had breakfast, went swimming, and then went to see the dam on the South Dakota/Nebraska boarder, throw in a trip to the fair...add in a little 4-wheeler riding and you can call it a day!  The kids thought the water was neat, and I realized how little we were...

 Charli thought the view was great!

I was certain one of the kids were going to get sucked in, good thing Chad held them tight!!  At the Relay the night before Chad scored this shirt...a camo shirt with a deer skull which says "Save the Rack" ;-)  Very fitting for Chad!

The two 4-year olds...for a few weeks yet!
Cohen * Charli

Harper enjoyed this view...he was doing somersaults while we were trying to get a picture of the kids much for that memory to look back on ;-) 

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