Saturday, July 16, 2011

it doesn't take doesn't take anything at all

We have had several hot days lately!!  Both of our kids have been "blessed" with Chad's heating and cooling system, and seem to get red as soon as they get in the heat.  The second Harper steps outside it looks like he has a terrible sunburn...but he generally isn't phased!!  When we left for the fair today, my car said 106!!  Anyway...we have been finding ways to enjoy the heat :-)

Harper and Grandpa Bob looking over the edge from the top of the shop by gpas office!! 

Chad and Harper...he really enjoyed to be in and around all of the equipment! 
Last weekend we were out there riding while Chad was getting ready for whatever job they were doing Monday -- and Charli just jumped right in and wanted to check the tires, etc.  At one point we were all helping!!  Grandpa Bob and I had two pieces of pipe and the kids were moving blocks of wood!  I love how they want to jump in a help...and Chad loves it too!

 she gets so into riding sometimes, it is hilarious!!  She takes it very seriously ;-)

Charli loves to picnic at the shop when we are there...this is after supper play!  Hmmm, wonder were they went?!

this is Harper's new "oh no" it!

 Harper playing dress up in Harper's clothes!! 

 big ole Platte County Fair! Harper was climbing all the fences!  Chad wasn't sure if Harper would be able to pet all the animals without trying to give them kisses!!  (he did pretty well, only tried to kiss a few!!)

 Chad and Charli after watching the pigs cool down with a nice little bath!

The other day while the kids were playing before we started our day Charli told me that Harper tried to hit her in the chest.  This is how the conversation went....
"Mom, did you know that Harper tried to hit me in the heart?  He could have broke my heart mom.  And you know what else would have happened?  Jesus would have been shattered, do you know why?  Because Jesus lives in my heart you know.  Did you know that Jesus died so he could wash somebodys sandals?  I wish someone would wash my sandals, they are dirty from the fair." 
I giggled so hard on the inside!!  She talks about Jesus a lot, but as you can see she is getting some story lines crossed a little!!  The best part is that she is always thinking and talking about him!  The rest will fall into place, I hope :-)  In the meantime, we will wash our own sandals!

Harper * Grandpa * Grandma 
the kids had a great time with them at the fair...they have so much fun watching the kids explore and as you will see below the kids get a few perks too!!  it's a win ~ win!

 ahhh, at home in some equipment!  Mom was commenting on how she thinks its too cute that Harper seems to feel so at home in large equipment. Just as she was saying that he found and put on his seat belt!!  He's a quick learner on these things!! 

 best perk of the night!!  Grandpa wanted to take Charli on the ferris wheel!!  WOW!!  She thought it was great, sadly Grandpa was "too scared" to go alone, so she had to go with him!  She thought it was hilarious that grandpa couldn't go on alone :-)

as they got on...check out her big smile!  She loved every second of it.  I would love to know what they talked about while they were on there!  A fun memory for the two of them.  I made dad hold on to her, because I did not trust that she would have any fear of peaking over the front..and she didn't!

 Harper's "lil buck" hat.  Between the two kids, they probably have a hat collection which could rival my dads. My dad is a farmer...who used to sell and buy a lot of seed corn -- so for those of you who grew up on a farm, you know how many hats he has had in his life! :-)

going on rides Saturday afternoon!  the heat was unreal, but something which we quickly got used to!  Charli had a great time on her rides!

 love this the lil guy Charli picked to ride on! 

 Harper enjoyed talking back to all the ducks, chickens, and birds today!  They would squawk and he would squawk back!

 wow...happiest girl on the earth!!  Charli with her new Green Lantern guy!
(thank you little ducks)

new sidekick...too bad he isn't a little smaller so people wouldn't look at us like we are crazy when we starts coming places with us!! (okay, well that will not happen, but she will sure try!!)

best of friends!!


  1. Pics are great, such fun! LOVE the story about Jesus in her heart, priceless. :) Glad you had fun at the fair regardless of the HEAT, esp glad our kids took care of their grandpas on the ferris wheel!! :)

  2. Glad you had fun ... I am sure glad that Charli helped Grandpa on the ferris wheel, it is realy scary to go alone! I can't wait to meet Mr. Green Lantern @@