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November - December 2014

Don't stop the presses or anything, but this post will bring me up to date for the year.  WHOA!!

We have so much to be thankful for.  This blog, and being able to flip back at years gone by with the books we create, are great reminders of our blessings.  We hope that you are able to enjoy your blessings during this holiday season!  And, apologies in advance for those who didn't get a Christmas card, which will be all of they are not going out!  Perhaps I will send a valentines day card this year! :) 

Chad and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this year!   He picked out a beautiful anniversary band with three "past, present, future" diamonds.  I am a lucky girl!  I, on the other hand, got him cookies!  But, in my defense the cookies were to describe some surprises I had in-store for him on our up and coming trip to Vegas! 

These two are too cute!  My dad, my husband, and my son putting up the Christmas tree at my parents house.  God blessed me with great parents, which I appreciate more than I can tell them.  But as my children grow I see how important good parents are, because they become amazing grandparents!  (and I am convinced you can't be one without being the other)

Charli & Charlie...negotiating over candy!

When you ask Harper what his favorite things to do are, he will be quick to list off many things which include his daddy.  But, the top of his list is trapping!  

Before heading off to Andrew & Lydia's wedding!  What a beautiful day and ceremony!  

A little cousin time in our hotel room before everyone had to go their separate ways :(

Lucky is a mom who gets to go on field trips...maybe less lucky is the mom who goes on the WINTER trip that is outside and in buildings without heat!  We had a great time together at the Stuhr Museum.  

Late is better than never, Charli learned, when her guitar (birthday gift) game in the mail from Aunt Kara & Uncle Randy!  She is excited to start lessons!

Don't are seeing this correctly.  Chad.Got.A.Smartphone.  Not only did he get a smart phone, but an iPhone.  Miracles.  Christmas miracles people!  

no words!

As you can tell by their faces one of my children is completely on-board with Santa here...and the other is not sure why she is in this little building posing for a picture with "this guy".   We are hopeful that with a dab of Christmas magic we may help squeeze another year, or maybe even two, out of our oldest realist here! 

Charli wanted to pull the sleigh!  

My husband and kids are trappers.  My husband and kids are pranksters.  Trappers + pranksters = targeted mom.  Pray for me.  

I guess this is a lot cuter as an after shot...but I don't have one to share!  This little project was melted in the oven for a bit to make an oversized gingerbread man "plate"!  It was fun, and made the house smell amazing! 

So excited...Chad and I got to spend some time in Vegas together.  This was as we were getting ready for one of Chad's anniversary surprises...he got to ride in a drift racing car!  It was super fun.  (I even decided to do it)  The car traveled sideways at speeds of well over 100 mph.  The most fun we have had in a long time!  

Another highlight, and surprise, was that we rode (Chad drove) dune buggies in the desert outside of Vegas.  He had a blast.  Those of you who knew "young" Chad can likely remember his daredevil 4-wheeling side, so you can image how at home he was on these four wheels too!

While we did a few planned things, we did several spontaneous things as well - which included riding the 550 ft tall "High Roller"- it is like a ferris wheel on steroids.   This "bubble" can hold up to 40 people and takes between 30-40 minutes to go around.  While I am afraid of heights, Chad thrives on them...and enjoys pushing me past my emotionally stable limits with them.  We landed safely on the ground.  Luckily they had an options where people could obtain liquid courage to survive the feat.  Lucky for me. 

So, this was exciting!  It's exciting to look at...I wasn't jealous.  Maybe a little!  

I am not sure you could call this spontaneous or not, as we have always wanted to attend...but we finally made up our mind, on a whim!   Chad and I attended the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) which is held annually in Vegas.  It is the worlds largest rodeo production, and was an event of a lifetime.  It was fun to go and enjoy the experience.  This was made even more special by getting to watch several Nebraskans compete!

Every morning we walked  a mile for breakfast to, Chads favorite spot, a little cafe in the Paris hotel and casino.  On our final day we each enjoyed a (overpriced) mimosa along with our gourmet breakfast.  I will forever miss that place...until we meet again.

Name that celebrity look-alike baseball the evening went on I was convinced that this was the actual player, or his brother.  I am still not certain it was not.  His name was Bob, and he is from KC.  I have my suspicions that he too may be moving to  Oakland.  (if you don't know then you likely don't care either!) 

A big, bIg, BIG thanks to those who helped take care of the kids while we were gone.  My mom and dad took on most of the responsibilities while we were away, which is amazing!  In addition to that, I came home to a clean house, made beds, washed dishes, cleaned and put away kids clothes, and a meal for lunch the next day.  Only a mother would do so much!

Charli is getting ready to wrap up club basketball with the Y.  She has enjoyed her time on the court, but is counting down the days to get back in the grass!

Harper had a dance program at preschool this week...and it was adorable!  One of my favorite mom-moments to date!

I love that his boy has such great friends!  I dislike greatly that everyone will be going to different schools in the fall.  :(

Harper also had this music program for preschool this week.  This was another great production for the kids to participate in!  Harper learned a couple of songs in sign between his two programs, which is so neat to watch.

Charli was proud to have this guy, Raider Rex, come find her at school!  He was there as part of College Week for the 4th & 5th graders...but he remembered that Charli went to school there too!  She was hoping to see him and wore her CCC shirt two days in a row - just in case!  

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