Sunday, April 13, 2014

Snow covered spring scene

I discovered when my husband asked me if I had been kicked off of our blog, it had been more than just a few weeks!  He has also been making subtle hints that there were several pictures he had taken on our camera that I never loaded.  The truth is...I had not downloaded pictures off of our "real" cameras since almost January, maybe?!  I have never claimed to be good at this!!

Most of life's big items have been captured on my trusty iPhone, so not too much is old news...except Chad's favorite past time of trapping, so maybe some new pictures there!

We are impatiently waiting for spring to arrive, but have been keeping busy before the summertime crazy hits.  We met some friends from Iowa in Lincoln this weekend for some quality time and Monster Jam.  The kids had a great time at the pool, running from room to room (which I am sure the rest of the floor enjoyed too!), and I think the trucks made some memories too!

Last week we took the kids to the globetrotters, which was so much fun.  Harper giggled so much, and Charli was impressed with their skills.  She was selected as a line leader, which was fun and she also got to play a little one-on-one with one of the players.  She stole the ball, she won't forget that either!

In between bouts of illness which included the stomach flu and strep we took the kids skating and to play laser tag.  It was a super fun day, and I am so glad we packed so much into one day because both Chad and I woke up sick the next day.  Either we have both softened up a bit, or it was the worst flu either of us have ever had.  Glad that is behind us!

A few weeks ago we had a sleepover with Braxton.  The kids had so many stories to share and hear from each other. I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to go check on the boys, who had a slumber party on Harper's floor, and found them cuddled up together!  (I was too tired and lazy to get a picture of that!)

On a trip to Omaha we took the kids to a Japanese Steakhouse, the kids loved it!  As you can see, our kids are not fans of Japanese food (no rice, fries please!)...they asked to have their birthday parties here!

Harper invited his grandparents to a special "Grandparent's Chapel" service at preschool a few weeks ago.  He was proud to have them, but bummed that he had to behave a little better than some of his buddies since his parents were there!

Braxton and Harper keeping our house safe from anyone who might try to cause any mischief! 

This is what Harper looks like when he is sick...hard to feel too sorry for him! 

We went to a bubble show last weekend and the kids got to be in a was way more fun to see, than be in - because they couldn't see it!  

Columbus had their first baconfest last weekend too...Harper was a ham ;-)  (ha, ha, get it...ham, bacon....pork!) 


The kids had a lot of fun rollerskating, and gained a lot of confidence!  Chad still has his rollerblading skills and showed off (several times) to the kids with his spins, going backwards, and helping us all get around a bit faster!

LASERTAG!!  Boys vs Girls...I am SURE the girls won. 

Spinning a ball with the tallest of globetrotters!  When Harper say him he said "Hey, I think my dad is bigger than you."  The player giggled, looked up and said "oh, yeah, your dad is pretty tall too!"

The kids are almost tall enough to be globetrotters!  

Landon, Charli, Harper & Jamison  Love these kids! now we get into some old pics!  The kids are pretty proud of some of their loot they caught with their dad this winter!  They are already counting down the days until trapping next year (6 months, fyi)

This boy loves animals!  He cannot wait until he and Chad find the perfect dog to call his own.  In the meantime, this is a cutie that made its way to the shop this winter.  It was bittersweet when they found her home!

I have no idea when this is from, but thought it was too cute to pass up!

More proud moments to capture.  I am not sure who enjoys it the most...the kids or Chad?!

I am not sure how I feel about this picture - but the boys think it is hilarious!

on your marks, get set, go!!!!  A little Saturday morning racing going on at the Preister house....

The Borgs came up for a visit after Christmas and Grant spent some time at our house...long distance cousins have so much play to catch up on when they see each other!! (this big guy is celebrating a birthday today!!)

a little early prepping for T-Ball season!  Charli has been giving him some backyard coaching tips! 

I think I have probably said before that Charli is our practical child...has never really been scared of or believed in dressed up characters.  This takes a lot of the fun out of places like Disney, Santa's house, etc.  Today, Harper proved that he has been listening to her babble, and picking up on it a bit himself.  While we were in WalMart we walked right past the Easter Bunny (has the Easter Bunny always been "around"?!)  We didn't even notice this dude, until the associate made a quick connection with the kids.  They sat down for some candy and a picture and Harper, our ever so wise four year old says " Thanks for the candy but I know you're not real.  I can see your eyes, your skin, and you're wearing tennis shoes."  Thanks for not helping us win that battle Wal-Mart.....

Hoping the weather turns around quickly!  I imagine the next post will be pictures and stories of soccer, track, and softball...all which are just around the corner!  Happy April's a beautiful (snowy) 32 degree Sunday evening tonight....after a sunny and hot 75+ degree day yesterday!  Never pack the winter coats!

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