Friday, September 6, 2013

bringing an end to August!

I made a trip to Oklahoma City for a week to attend a conference for work.  I have to say that I loved it there.  I am not only saying that because I have a handful of friends who live there...but because the area we were at (which I know is new and not reflective of the entire city, yada yada!) was great.  I want to go back!

She tried to come with me...but I just couldn't take her and my flat iron, so I guess I had to pick!  Dad was in charge for the kids first full week of school with both kids in session.  As always, he did great and everyone was alive and thriving when I got home!

The OKC bombing site.  This was an amazing place. 

There are chairs placed on a portion of the courtyard in the outside memorial area to represent each life lost that day.  They are placed by floor (9 floors) and sized by age. When you can see a chair your size, with a chair sized for your child, it leaves an impact.  

Before their world came to a crash....

A clock that had broken when the bombing occurred. 
The indoor memorial was very emotional.  The building takes you through the day and was separated into pieces - live video coverage was shared as well as the sites and sounds of that day.  It was draining to experience, yet so humbling to realize how blessed we are to have not suffered such tragedy.  

On our way home we went through Moore, OK.  We originally wanted to spend an evening there to help but we were not able to organize with local agencies.  Seeing the devastation, again, on a different level reminded me that OK truly is Oklahoma Strong. 

When mom goes on a work trip it always means fun stuff when I return...which is always exciting!  

wax 'stache!  I remember having wax lips, the kids these days have it so great ;-)

This moment can be rare to see!  I walked in the living room and this is how I found them sitting together!

super excited to go play in the sprinklers!

NE state fair!  This was a neat demonstration on solar energy for the kids to understand (okay, and maybe the adults too!)

Harper loved it in the serta tent!  He tested out several beds, and probably convinced me to get a new one!  They were heavenly!

these two would have fallen asleep if it weren't for Harper & I to keep them awake!

The super slide!  They came down fast!

Her big muscles won her a prize!

His too!

Charli and Harper both went on a zip line while at the fair.  Charli wasn't crazy about it, but Harper was so she had to step up and put her brave face on!  They looked so little on the 40' platform (sorry to scare you mom!).  They loved it, and wanted to do it again!

I have no pictures because I videoed it! 

The Haines girls came to the fair on the same day as us, so we got to hang with them for a bit! They got to cause some trouble on the beds together!  

Chad promised Harper a "sleep over" so they made their beds on Harper's floor and had lights out.  The next day Harper said "I think we will try it again tonight, we didn't even stay up late playing with toys"!  I guess he has picked up a few pointers from Charli's sleepovers!

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  1. Glad OKC treated you nicely! If you do make it back this way, we must meet up!